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Did you know that golf was invented in Scotland?  Despite its small size, Scotland is filled with rich history, dramatic landscapes, and down-to-earth people.  Endless skies, rugged mountains, glacial valleys, and sparkling lochs have captivated visitors for hundreds of years. 


Scotland is not just about haggis and sheep. The land of Braveheart is a mix of vibrant  cities filled with rich heritage and rugged landscapes that will take your breath away. It’s where ancient castles still stand today, having witnessed the country’s turbulent past. In this small isle, history and myths seamlessly come together to create legends that have withstood the test of time.  Here is a breakdown of our cost and 10 day itinerary:


  • Time Cost
    • Total Days in Scotland: 10 days
    • Total Days Off From Work: 5 days
  • Monetary Cost (in GBP)
    • Flights: £515
    • Accommodation: £900
    • Transportation (Rental + Gas): £250
    • Food: £36 per person per day
    • Activities: £110
    • Total Per Person: £1,240


We had been planning our trip to Scotland for awhile, but for some reason, it kept getting rescheduled.  So when it finally happened, I was beyond ecstatic to finally visit Edinburgh, the place that inspired so much of the Harry Potter series, and see the stunning Highland landscape.  We spent the majority of our time on the road exploring the Scottish Highlands. Every place we visited on the Isle of Skye was another epic photo opportunity.  Even with the rain, the stunning landscape more than made up for it. 


  • Fish and chips, bangers and mash and haggis are staples in Scottish food culture, but now it’s also about fresh local produce, and a farm to table experience.  Here are 15 things you should try while in Scotland.
  • A trip to Scotland is not complete with out a visit to a few distilleries to learn about how whiskey is made.




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